Moonstone Moon Butterfly Pendant 🌙

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Moonstone Moon Butterfly Pendant 🌙

Comes with cord + crystals 🤍

Healing Properties of Rainbow Moonstone:

This soothing stone is known for its ability to connect body and mind by cleansing the chakras. It’s a great stone for anyone experiencing blockages and trouble moving out of a state of negativity. The mental clarity that it brings allows the space to reconnect to the body and restore the balance that has been disrupted.

What Is The Black In Rainbow Moonstone?

Some rainbow moonstone crystals have patches of black. This black color is a stone called Black Tourmaline, a popular stone with powerful properties. It is a favourite in spiritual communities for its protective properties and is often recommended for anyone living in a place that is spiritually unsafe. The tourmaline works together with the rainbow gemstone to draw out the negative energy. You can think of a tourmaline stone like a spiritual filter which works particularly well with the calming nature of this rainbow gem! ✨

Chakras: Sacral | Third Eye | Crown
Energy: Protective | Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Moon

Completely handmade!