Aurora Opal Oval Pendant āœØ

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Aurora Opal Oval Pendant āœØ

Completely handmade with patience + love ~ Comes with copper chain, crystals, and stickers! šŸ§š

The stones in this pendant are Aurora (Synthetic) and Ethiopian (Natural) Opal āœØ

š‡šžššš„š¢š§š  šš«šØš©šžš«š­š¢šžš¬ šØšŸ šŽš©ššš„:

Ethiopian Opal balances all the Chakras and is an amazing protection stone! They are fantastic for channeling Water energy, which is associated with calm, peaceful power, and cleansing. Opal functions as a prism inside the aura, bringing a whole spectrum of light energy which helps with enhancing metaphysical powers. These stones also bring good luck and fortune! šŸ™šŸ»

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